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03 янв 2023 15:24
Форум: Оборудование беспроводного доступа
Тема: access vlan на WB-2P-LR2
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Re: access vlan на WB-2P-LR2

If the access point functions in "wireless bridge" mode, then the challenge becomes how to provide vlan 11 access to a wired interface. While the tag-removal functionality of the "General vlan" is present in the "wifi-client" mode, it is not driving directions in the &q...
26 июл 2022 10:00
Форум: Оборудование беспроводного доступа
Тема: Проблема со связью
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Re: Проблема со связью

2.4 GHz wireless networks' "sausage" points. There are one to five pings sent out every one to two seconds. An AP user's best speed is 7 Mbps combined.
There is nothing I can say. I've never used this type of equipment before.

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