NBA 2K23 releases a new series called Glitchedthat features

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NBA 2K23 releases a new series called Glitchedthat features

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Bail Out - Passing out of a jump shot or layup will result in fewer incorrect passes than normal 2K23 MT. Also, it aids in the passing out of double teams in NBA 2k23. Bullet Passer - Speeds up the speed at which a player is able to get possession of the ball and the speed of passing.

Clamps - Defenders are able to more efficient cut-off techniques and are more efficient when playing hip-riding or bumping the ball's handler. Rim Protector - Improves the player's ability to block shots, lowers chances of being dunked on, and unlocks special block animations.

Worm when boxed out, rebounders have greater success being active and in the perfect rebound position. At-risk players struggle to shoot when they are confronted by opponents sporting this badge. Additionally, this badge increases shot defense ratings when tightly blocking the opponent.

Finding the right combination of badges depends on the player's build and appearance. But, combining a few of these badges is likely to provide the player with the greatest possible potential for dominating the court in NBA 2k23.

NBA 2K23's New Glitched Series Features Three New Dark Matter Units

NBA 2K23 releases a new series called Glitchedthat features several of the NBA's previous and present greats , with the twist of having their stats improved. There's only one game left in the NBA Playoffs.

2K Games is taking full benefit of the excitement with new NBA 2K23 content each week NBA 2K23 MT. The last week's NBA 2K23 Limited Edition 4 Pack was greeted by a roar of excitement with the availability of the packs, and this week's follow-up is bringing a new wave of players that has fans talking.

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