A fourth Vista location in Shushire is in Iceblood Plateau

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A fourth Vista location in Shushire is in Iceblood Plateau

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Lost Ark: All Vista Locations in Shushire

The wintery region of Lost Ark's final game of Shushire contains ten Vista areas that players can locate throughout its zones. Adventurers can arrive in Shushire once they've completed North Vern's questline, and received assistance from Queen Ealyn to get to this frozen desert. As opposed to most regions in this game Shushire is a location with a view in one of the Dungeons in Lost Ark, the Maze of Mirrors. This means that players must be careful not to lose it when exploring the area.

1. The initial Vista entry from Shushire will be "Frozen Fountain," that can be found at the center of Antenora Port on the western side of the map. The spyglass is in plain sight nearby several NPCs. Shushire's next Vista can be found in the "Bell Tower" located in the Bell Tower Plaza of Rigens Village. Viewpoints are available in the northern part of the hamlet, which is covered in snow. "Blizzard Temple" is the third viewpoint inside Bitterwind Hill. The location is east off"Blizzard Temple," which is located west of Shiny Frost Wolf spawn points.

A fourth Vista location in Shushire is in Iceblood Plateau Cheapest Lost Ark Gold. "Battlefield" spyglass "Battlefield" spyglass can be found near in the Plague Demon Raid. It is located slightly northeast of the Solid Ice Golem in Lost Ark.

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